Case Studies

Over the last 4 years the Dialog CRM practice has deployed solutions in a wide range of government agencies and industries.

Complaint & Compliance Investigation Agencies

The Dialog CRM practice has designed, developed and deployed a number of xRM based solutions in this area for State and Federal Government. These applications deal with the processing, investigation and resolution of a wide range of incident, complaint and case management solutions where stringent and rigorous processes are required to track the manage the handling of sensitive and secure information.

  • Assessment and decision
  • Investigation plans
  • Property seizure and continuity
  • Brief of evidence
  • Conflict of interest management
  • Security & restricted access
  • Compliance management
  • Integrated document management


Dialog has supplied staff, student and entity tracking solutions to a number of education projects across a range of educational institutions.

  • Contact tracking and integration with external data sources.
  • Tracking new contact leads, course enrolment and deliver of courses.
  • Teacher registration system for online applications, registrations and guild or institute membership.
  • Teacher registration system for tracking of childcare providers.

Financial Services

The Dialog CRM practice continues to provide the financial services area with compliance and financial planner audit solutions.

  • Track the activities of fnancial planners
  • Report on KPI activities and link to sales results.
  • Manage the relationships between accountants, financial advisors and investment brokers.
  • Financial planner audits & compliance management
  • Training course management and reporting

Sales and Marketing

In the traditional area of sales automation Dialog CRM practice has worked with a number of clients to streamline the sales process in call centres, event management and after sales services.

  • Sales Tracking & process automation.
  • Service case management Sales staff management
  • Event, contract and ticket based sales and marketing
  • Audio hearing integration with medical equipment
  • Tracking appointments and results.
  • Events & seminars
  • Advertising & marketing

Institutes Clubs & Associations

Dialog CRM has worked with a number of membership organisations who need to track and manage memberships, renewals, events and fees.

  • Membership & renewals on web portals
  • Corporate sales & merchandising
  • Delivery of training courses & seminars
  • Certification & fees
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