There are a number of options for pricing CRM licences

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Have your complete solution hosted in the cloud with no servers to buy and no software to install.  Just a single online monthly fee, per user, per month that can be adjusted as your needs change.

A single price for all the available features and functions of the software.

  • Core CRM functionality
  • Workflow & business logic rules automation
  • Mobile customization & administration
  • Offline Access
  • Custom applications  and website Portal access

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises)

Customers who do not want to yet move to the cloud can stay with the traditional on-premise offering. They can purchase their own licences and deploy the onsite or with a hosting partner.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the following license options:

  • Server License: You need to purchase one server license for each web server running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.
  • Client Access License (full use): One license needed for each named user with read and write access that will access Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Client Access License (read-only): One license needed for each named user with read only access that will access Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • External Connector License: You only need to purchase an External Connector License if you plan to share your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with external users (non-employees) through a portal or custom application.

Both the on-premise and the Online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM use the same code base and programming framework. Therefore, customers have the option to start with one deployment model and then switch to the other model at a later time. For example, you might start with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and then later switch to an on-premise deployment

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