Technical Specifications

The matter management solution is based upon the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 application that provides to clients a powerful, stable and scalable business solution platform with all the tools to deliver flexible, low risk value added custom solutions. Dialog has used this robust core platform and all its in built capabilities to deliver its Matter Management solution a number of times across a range of clients with differing requirements and functionality.

The matter management solution base on Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports three types of deployments:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 — On-premise deployment
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 — Internet-facing deployment (IFD)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 — Online

For each of these types of deployments, you have the choice of client application you use to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Alternatively, you can create your own client application on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

The following clients are provided:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook with Offline Access
  • Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For more information see attached white papers.

Other Tools supplied as part of the application interface are

  • WCF Web Services - Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a dynamic Web service interface for applications to use to access and manipulate platform data.
  • Processes \ Workflows - The process feature supports extending the functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system by enabling the user to create and execute custom business processes.
  • Plug-ins - Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an extension mechanism for implementing validation and custom platform-based business logic.
  • Client Application Extensions - Client application extension features allow you to build a solution and add it seamlessly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface.
  • Reporting - Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes reports that provide useful business information to the user.
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