General Case Management

Regulatory Case / Incident Management Solution

Our specialist matter management team can assist you in clarifying your requirements and provide you with a road map for easy implementation.  Leverage the knowledge and skills we have developed in matter management solutions and get the most effective, robust and user friendly system that is designed to be configured to your unique needs.

Who needs this solution?

Any agency or company that has to deal with or manage cases, incidents, matters claims or complaints in a consistent and audible manner.   Utilise our regulatory case incident management solution based on the Microsoft xRM platform.   

It may be...

  • a relatively simple service or product complaint or,
  • after sales service case right through to a complex incident or,
  • legal investigation that takes years to complete.


The Regulatory Case / Incident Management Solution from Dialog is a set of tailored xRM modules, workflows and plug-ins for any organisation requiring a regulatory or investigative management solution.


Roll over on each module for further information on our solutions.

Legal Case Management

  • Legal advice
  • Use of notices/ formal power
  • Legal enforcement & outcomes
  • Warrant management
  • Notifications license & accreditation
  • Hearings, sessions and transcripts
  • Allegations
  • Offences & evidence proofs

Property Management

  • Property continuity handling
  • Property items and folios management
  • Seizure recording and labeling

Investigations Management

  • Investigation plans
  • Interventions
  • Evidence management
  • Brief of evidence planning
  • Investigation running sheets
  • Activity tracking & linking
  • File notes
  • Vehicle and location tracking

General Enhancements

  • Spell checking
  • Auto numbering
  • User controlled font sizing
  • Data migration mapping of historical investigation data

Matter / Case / Incident Profiling

  • Assessments & panel agendas
  • Decisions & notifications
  • Referrals and assignments
  • Authorization management
  • Hazard and risk profiling
  • Planned audits
  • Matter compliance processes
  • Events
  • Functions and conducts
  • Matter costing

Contact / Organisation Profiling

  • Informant / confidential source management
  • Conflict of interest & risk management
  • Identity photographs
  • Phonetic search
  • Function & conducts
  • Roles & identity links
  • Protected identities & alias
  • Australia Post suburb postcode automation

Corruption Prevention

  • Prevention, improvement & education
  • Event receipt and registration
  • Recommendations & follow ups

Document Automation

  • Integrated document management
  • Smart forms
  • Automated mail merge
  • Wide range of standard filtered matter management reports
  • Property seizure labels
  • Brief of evidence generation
  • Knowledge base


  • Matter team management
  • Data access tracking
  • User level and team security
  • Audit logging & analysis
  • Data update & data access tracking

Regulatory Compliance

  • Statutory act reference
  • Knowledge base
  • Regulatory process checklists
  • Statutory interventions
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